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Smartoys-logo-.jpg    Nowadays the market offers a great variety of different toys. I am myself a father of two wonderful children, a boy and a girl. From my own experience as a caregiver, I see which games and toys are interesting to my children and which stop to be entertaining very soon. Which toys contribute to the development of useful skills, and which are only good at providing momentary joy from buying something new. The idea of the brand SMARTOYS is to advise parents on games and toys that can be beneficial to children in the process of learning and gaining new skills that they will need for later life. It is important to know how to select only high-quality, environmentally friendly games and toys that would keep children's attention for a long time, develop creative thinking, fine motor skills, imagination, concentration of attention and social confidence.

 The advice and recommendations that our company SMARTOYS will give are based on parents’ opinion, competitions and polls, surveys and comments of specialists in child development.

 The mission of SMARTOYS is to create a natural environment in which kids will be able to gain knowledge and skills and to develop their intellect. With the toys from SMARTOYS parents can actively take part in their children’s development and have fun spending quality time with the family.

 The toys SMARTOYS contribute to the development of children’s creativity, imagination, intelligence and attention that many modern kids lack. Our toys will become the source of energy and true happiness for children, which will allow the whole family to engage in funny and interesting games.

 The SMARTOYS company strives to offer the best customer service. We pay special attention to the quality of the material, its eco-safety, and the emotional value of each toy.

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