Learning is so much important for a child.

   Learning is so much important for a child. A child starts to learn things the moment he is out of a mother’s womb. The process of learning starts from there when he sees his parents and recognize them. He starts to learn things with the passage of time. He learns to speak, run, sit and many other countless things. A child mimics what he sees around. This is one way of learning. The other way of learning is through toys. Yes, you heard it. The toys play an important part in the lives of children. They are not just a source of entertainment, but the toys also teach them many things. Trust me kids love to have so many toys. Be it a new car toy or a Barbie doll set, that new clay set or building blocks. They would love to have it all. So, from where should I start? Let’s begin with the infants. What kind of toys infant like and why? And also how these toys can help them learn? Since, infants cannot play with the real big toys, probably they will get scared or something, and this is the age in which they explore various things. For example, their senses. Infants explore their auditory sense in this age with the help of many things. If you provide them toys like rattling toys or the toys which make some sort of sound, they get excited. For them this is a new thing and they ask you to shake that little hammer again and again. This helps them in developing a strong auditory sense.

As far as the babies are concerned, when they grow up they need different toys to play. Not because they are bored of them, but because they need to develop motor skills. Babies have the ability to recognize things and locate them. In this age, babies can also recognize shapes. Of course, some of them cannot name them, but they can memorize the shapes. Providing them building blocks in this age will help them learning the shapes as well as their hand skills will develop. This is one of the best ways of educating your child where you are not using any formal education to teach your child. Everything you are teaching is informal and basic. This is which every child learns.

As the baby grows, he demands new things. His preferences changes and he seeks new ways of learning. When the baby enters the preschool age, he wants to learn about numbers and alphabets. In this age, you can provide your child with the toys which can teach your children about numbers, and alphabets. You can also provide your child with the toys that can play poems for them. The child will learn everything through these things. Moreover, a child learns really fast if the things are being played in front of him. At this age, children have the ability to learn everything. They can memorize thousands of things and can surprise you.