Magnetic blocks " Smartoys" help kids develop social and motor skills.

Smart toys that can aid in social and motor skills development in children.

 As a child grows you need to encourage him or her to engage in activities which will help them develop motor and social skills. Fine motor skills will help them learn how to use their hands to perform various tasks. Gross motor skills will assist the child to improve in important activities such as climbing, ascending stairs, and getting out of bed among others. Social skills will help the child to be assertive, mingle freely with their peers as well as their family and other members of society. The more a child improves on these skills, the more independent they become, they will not rely on you to open doors, zip their dresses or trousers, wear and remove clothes, brush their teeth , wash hands and many other activities.

You may have looked at your child play and were mesmerized by the seriousness which they put into the whole act, which is when you learn that it’s not all about fun, it’s a serious business and the toys are the tools. It’s a learning process which every child needs for them to grow well, as a parent you will need to learn also, know which toys are appropriate at which stage. Failure to have this knowledge will see you buying toys which are meant for ten-year-olds for your two-year-old, and when you think you have learnt the ropes, just because your two-year-old did not like that you bought him an eight year old toy, you are in the shop buying what you could have bought then and think they will be happy about it or that it will help them improve their social or motor skills. You will have missed out on a very important issue and with that will have denied your child a chance to acquire skills which will come in handy as far as their development is concerned. Toys are age specific , with each trying to inculcate skills which are needed at any particular time, as a parent you need to learn about toys and which you should buy at any given time. Luckily, you do not have to attend a class to learn these things; there are experts who can guide you through. Your child also, if he or she has developed speech, will tell you what they need, they will have watched others play and will demand to have what his or her friends have. You may hate peer pressure but as a parent, you will have to learn to live with it, it is far more influential that you ever imagined and sometimes in a positive way.

What is need of developing these skills?

Building a strong foundation: A child will need to learn how to use their hands in order to be independent and also perform important tasks. Unless they learn how to move their hands, and proper coordination, they will not perfect these skills. Engaging in activities which help them develop faculties which aid in the performance of these tasks will help them learn quickly.

It’s also a measure to ascertain whether the child is developing normally, a child who cannot perform most of the tasks in a given age range, will require special attention. A parent or caretaker might not discover some problems unless they watch the child at play. Some problems may be corrected when they are discovered early enough.

It makes the child independent: When a child learns to use their hands, legs and also proper coordination of their body parts, it’s a sure path to freedom. They will be in a position to perform many important tasks on their own. They will be able to remove their shorts or pants when in need to go for long or short bathroom calls, they will remove their sweaters when they feel warm. When they are able to perform these tasks, they will free their nannies and parents, they don’t have to be around them all the time. A child will not soil or wet himself while in school or when outside playing, they will be in a position to help themselves without overreliance on others. It’s a strong foundation to the path of freedom, when they learn from such an early age, they will perfect it and by the time they are adults, they will have learnt to live on their own, without bothering others with petty problems. That’s how the path to responsible adulthood is curved.

Motor abilities are the cornerstone for early childhood education; it lays the foundation for academic learning. For a child to learn how to hold a stencil, pencil or any other learning tool, their hands must be strong and coordinated. With proper coordination, they are in a position to hold the pen for a long time. Also when it comes to sports and games, coordination and dexterity are good, these are skills they learn from using toys which help in improving their motor skills.

How do you achieve this?

One of the best ways to promote social and motor skills is to provide the child with a variety of tools and materials to manipulate. There are a variety of choices such as blocks, where they allow their imagination to run wild. Magnetic blocks can be a perfect choice where they learn how to interlock, bristle blocks, smart tops, construction toys, washable paints, paste, modeling clay, safety scissors, educational toys, children’s building blocks, and children’s puzzles among other toys and games can work very well in building social and motor skills, laying a firm foundation for children, preparing them well for late childhood and even adult life.

Encourage creativity and allow your child some freedom without inducement on your preferences

Upon providing your child with the tools which inspire creativity and teaching them how to use them, you don’t have to participate in every activity, leave him to play. You have to allow some room for creativity without worrying whether they will get messy. The child will explore on their own and may even display some mastery in use of the tool. Allow them, and also try to encourage them. You can ask them to explain to you in their own words how they did it. Also allow them to express their feelings and what they have been thinking during the play process. The smaller the control you exert or impose during the play time the better. This is advice that child experts hold true, especially when it comes to discovering the hand which the child favors. One of the milestones at this age is either becoming right or left-handed. Handedness is a positive sign that the brain is increasingly become organized, at the age of four years, the child will have become clear whether they are right-handed. Handedness is mainly determined by hereditary predisposition , so if you find that the child is preferring using the left hand , perhaps they are destined that way and there is nothing much you should do. Attempting to force your child to use the right hand may demotivate and lead to development problem. Inducing a child to use or switch to the right hand when they are left-handed takes a toll on their emotions and may also lead to poor coordination, leading to slow development of the fine motor skills.

Although you may want the child’s fine motor skills to develop quickly, sometimes you may find that they are progressing more slowly than the gross motor skills. It’s important to note that the fine motor skills tend to develop slowly because the movement which allow the child to hold and manipulate objects, for example arranging and stacking blocks needs to be learned over some time and with a lot of practice. The fact that the children at this age cannot sit for long and play with the objects before boredom creeps in makes it hard for them to practice. They’re just not the kind who have patience to sit and carry out these activities over and over, and that’s why it requires patience from the parent or the nanny. Also, their small muscles tire easily, so they will need to build strength and endurance gradually.

For the child to develop these skills and continue practicing the type of toys which are used for play need to be interesting , otherwise there is a possibility of child being bored and abandoning the toys. It’s important for the parents to ensure that what they are getting for the child, apart from being safe, ought to keep the child engaged most of the time.

Blocks rock

Building blocks are a powerful way to sharpen motor and social skills. They stimulate creativity and can be great tools to help the child gain confidence in what they do. Psychologists encourage parents to provide tools and an environment which encourages the children to learn how to solve problems from a tender age, and they recommend building and construction blocks among other toys as ideal to achieve this. They assist kids in developing motor, spatial, social and language skills, they improve hand-eye coordination, help in creative and divergent thinking. Some psychologists have even associated complex block building with better math skills, so the gains from using the blocks are numerous.

How do you ensure that children get the most from smart block toys?

Engaging through participation

Experts suggest that through active participation of parents or someone who demonstrates to the children on how to use the smart toys or blocks kids become motivated and get more from the activity. Therefore parents should not shy away from playing with their children especially in the first days of a new toy. The children will learn from you and are likely to do it better within a shorter time and they will not require your participation. First days upon buying a smart toy or any other for that matter, show your child how to use it, teach them the safety measures they need to take to ensure that they are not injured while playing. Show them the tricks so that they can use it better. Children are fast learners, it will be just a matter of time before they are in a position to do it even better than you. That’s the joy of parenthood, children perfecting something, doing it better than you do it, it shows that you are a good teacher.

Combining play with stories

Combining fascinating stories with play makes it very interesting for kids, they will be all attention and you will be in a position to engage them for long periods of time. Kids are known to have very short attention spans, engaging them in something that they will enjoy will make them concentrate. Here you’ll not only be teaching them how to improve their motor and social skills but also helping them to concentrate on task. It can also be a form of therapy where children who are constantly anxious can learn to be calm. Apart from benefiting from motor and social skills, children also get to improve on language; they will also get ideas on more projects that they can participate in from the stories which they are told. Generally combining block building with stories helps in awakening children’s creativity, it will keep them interested further boosting the chances of getting the desired skills.

Encourage cooperative block building

Even as you participate in your child building block play, you also need to encourage the kid to play with others. Through playing with other kids, there will be learning on how to share and also respect others. The child will learn role playing as well as teamwork dynamics. A cooperative play helps the children to interact with other as well as creating an environment all can enjoy. Cooperative toys such as education and building blocks can teach the children to express their feelings freely and in a positive manner. The social skills which will be gained from this are very beneficial in the child’s development, the lessons that they will learn out of this may take longer to achieve when other methods are employed.

One of the recommended sources of children play toys is Smartoys. Smartoys provides a wide range of toys for children, components that can play a big role in helping kids to develop social and motor skills.

What children will gain through use of Smartoys?

They will be able to engage in innovative play, they can build houses, bridges, cars, they can create dogs and other animals as well as engage in tons of fun activities and imaginative creation both at home and at school.

The toys are age specific, and they are modeled along teaching children relevant skills as per their age group. There are smart toys for non-school age children, and school going children as well. The toys are colorful and attractive, something that they will enjoy having as well as playing with. These are toys that will not only engage the children but will also give boys and girls a chance to expand their play and abilities too.

It isn’t only the children who will benefit; the parents will get a chance to keep their children busy. At times the parent may want to relax or concentrate on some other tasks, having a child around may make it difficult to do this, but when they are kept busy with tasks that require their full concentration, and the parent will be in a position to work on their tasks or relax while they have an eye and ear on what the child is doing.

Smartoys magnetic blocks are easy to build with; they normally stick together and can be removed with little effort. Children will also like playing using materials which can attract and repel each other, it is a fun activity. The ease with which children can play with these toys makes them ideal for any child. They are effective, fun for children and above all safe and easy to use.

With the building and construction blocks children will enjoy creating a variety of structures, houses, castles, and cars, as well as whatever else their little minds can conceive of. They will have a chance to express their creativity while learning to discover things on their own. They will have fun building and demolishing the structures, a fun way to spend time.

Children’s safety has been taken into account in the designing and packaging of these play toys. This is something that is considered carefully and seriously. First, the materials which are used are non-toxic, children like putting anything they find into their mouth. The manufacturers of these toys are aware of this fact and they have made sure that the materials used cannot in any way harm the children. Children are safe from physical and chemical harm which might come as a result of using the playtoys.

Smartoys is a forty-six piece magnetic building set made from nontoxic ABS plastic. It has a number of shapes including triangles, squares, wheels, and trapezoids among others. It can be used by both boys and girls, mostly those who are three years and above. It’s a child’s toy that guarantees satisfaction, supporting their early learning. A perfect tool for young boys and girls who love building blocks and running wild with imaginations; it will not only help them improve their social and motor skills but will build a strong foundation for their lives during late childhood as well as in their adult life