Safety of the Materials Used For Production of Smartoys Construction Sets

You could learn from the previous post of our blog why you children will most likely become the biggest fans of Smartoys building block sets. They are colorful, attractive, inspiring and seem magical. Besides, they are helpful tools in creative and intellectual development of kids contributing to practicing hand-eye coordination, motor and socialization skills.

This uniqueness and originality of Smartoysproducts explains the reason why there are some other companies on the market which try to copy the idea, design and sometimes even the trademark of Smartoys deceiving clients into buying fake items. The producers of bogus sets claim that their products are not worse than the original Smartoys goods and cost less. In other words, they suggest parents not over wasting their money if there is a real possibility to get the same value for less dollars. That’s why in this blog post we will explain why we firmly recommend not to buy analogous inauthentic Smartoys building blocks.

The first and the most important difference between Smartoys original construction sets and all other competitors which offer similar products is the high quality and safety of our goods. We invest much of our time and effort into a constant improvement of the production process as well as into the best quality material selection process. We use only high-rated solid plastic for producing our building blocks so that they would not get sharp-edged if broken. Besides, the elements of the construction details are consolidated together with the help of solid ultrasonic welding.

Each building block has an inner frame that adds to its flexibility and additional endurance and soundness if a kid tries to fold it or puts much pressure. We suppose you will all agree that any plaything can get broken under certain circumstances. But the good thing about Smartoys products is that our toy designers and engineers made sure that even a broken building block does not pose any threat to the kid’s health. The magnetic elements inside the building blocks are designed in such an intricate way so they move and rotate freely inside the frame allowing for easy adhesion of the construction details but at the same time they stay inside the frame and do not fall out even if the frame is broken.

Another fact worth mentioning here is the use of rare-earth neodymium magnets for the design of Smartoys construction blocks. Though these elements affect the final price of the end product making it higher but they are much stronger than usual ferromagnets. Moreover, they keep the strength of the magnetic field for a much longer period of time. Therefore, buying one of the Smartoys construction sets will get you an educational toy that will keep bringing your children joy and happiness for many years.

Furthermore, the building blocks gain more solidity and soundness conserving their flexibility characteristics due to the use of layered combined ABS plastic. This material is known for its great chemical resistance, toughness, impact resistance, stability under load and many other properties that make it an ideal substance to produce constructions sets from. Additionally, this material makes it difficult even for an adult to get magnetic elements, which can become dangerous under certain conditions, from the building blocks.

Logically enough, not all other producers of construction sets that exist on the market today can afford compliance with all the strict requirements on every step of the complicated highly technological manufacturing process. The working conditions at factories usually leave a great deal to be desired. Moreover, competitors very often substitute costly ABS plastic for a cheaper second-generation or recycled material which is easy to be broken. And a simple cardboard layer is put instead of the due inner frame. That results in the fragility of the stacking blocks and the danger the sharp edges can represent to your kid if he or she accidentally damages them. Anyway, the most perilous in bad quality cheap construction kits is that the magnetic elements can easily fall out from a broken part and cause serious harm once they get into the kid’s body. Therefore we consider that buying similar defective construction sets can put at risk the most valuable thing any parents have which is the health of their beloved children. No amount of money saved on this deal can ever justify this risk.

Furthermore, no all toy manufacturers can afford running complicated quality tests of their products. Whereas Smartoys can provide you with all the quality certificates and official technical reports proving that the Smartoys tested samples meet the mechanical and physical properties requirements, the flammability requirements and the migration of certain elements in Category III – Scraped off toy material requirements according to the European Standard “Safety of toys”, EN71: Part 1, 2 and 3 as well as the European Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 of the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH). In other words, provided by Smartoys items have been evaluated to meet the requirements on material cleanliness, protruding parts, splinters, points and metallic wires and have been found free from danger. The heavy metal content of the building blocks such as arsenic, cobalt, nickel, zinc, lead, mercury, copper and some others has been proved to be less than 2 mg/kg. Besides, the results of the mechanical hazards such as impact, torque, tension and compression tests have shown the figures below the standard references. The flammability test has shown the most rapid burn rate less than 0.1 of an inch per second which meets the legal requirements.

We want you and your children to stay safe and far from any potential dangers especially hidden in such innocent things as toys. That’s why we would like to give you some tips on how to identify the original Smartoys products and avoid buying low-quality building sets from unreliable competitors. We find it useful to leave these recommendations here because it is not so easy sometimes to make the right choice and buy a safe robust construction set the buildings blocks of which would be solid and would not get sharp edges when damaged or let fall out any elements that are contained inside of them.

  • The first thing that you need to pay attention to while purchasing Smartoys products is the packaging. The original boxes in which the building blocks are sold in always have the logo and trademark symbols to ensure that you are buying a reliable product with guaranteed quality. There is a special team of dedicated graphic designers who work on the style of the packaging material. They carefully choose every font, color and design of the letters so you will not find any badly written or crooked words. You can always check on our website how the latest versions of the package designs look like. They always contain the information on the manufacturer and importer name and address, product identification and its functionality.
  • Secondly, a good product has an appropriate price so please do not get deceived when other producers offer a building block kit for prices under $20. Unreal high 30-40% discounts usually indicate a low quality product that the seller tries to make look like an authentic, safe to use and secure to buy construction set.
  • Thirdly, Smartoys playthings can only be purchased on reliable websites such as Amazon and Ebay where the client can always find all the necessary contact information if they happen to have any question or would like to dispel any doubt. The partners in our retail network do not hide their address or name because they are confident about the quality of the product they are offering and are ready to assume any legal obligations of their commercial activity.
  • Finally, every Smartoys building block kit is a result of the hard, intensive intellectual work of a big team of designers and constructors. They meticulously elaborate the general concept that would unite all the construction pieces, design several models and assemble a harmonious kit with all the necessary details and accessories aimed at the development of the child’s intellectual and creative potential. That’s why Smartoys does not sell separate pieces of its sets.

To conclude, we would like to underline once again the importance of being a conscious and responsible consumer while buying toys for your dear kids and paying attention to all the tiny details that play pivotal role in ensuring that you are getting a high quality reliable product.