SMARTOYS Will Magnetize Your Kids Your Kids Away from Their Gadgets!

Kids these days can’t seem to part with their electronic gadgets. Even a toddler can learn how to touch, swipe and tap on an iPad faster than learning how to use the potty! But one toy will not just take your kids away from their touchscreens and noisy online games but will magnetize them to a world of fun and excitement using SMARTOYS magnetic building blocks.

SMARTOYS is a new concept that uses magnets to connect different shapes, pieces and blocks together to form different things. It is a building block toy since it comes as a set of interlocking pieces but it uses magnets instead of connectors to put pieces together. This colorful toy allows kids to express their creativity, boost their imagination and learn basic concepts including shapes, colors and sizes.

The concept of SMARTOYS is actually very simple. Small little hands will not be able to easily fit different pieces together but with the help of magnets, they can. Each piece easily attaches to another piece without much fussing and fixing. Thus even a child with very minimal use of his hands can create different things out of a set of SMARTOYS magnetic blocks.

All the benefits of playing with this toy surpass playing with a mobile device in more ways than one.

  • The SMARTOYS blocks will let your child use his imagination and his creativity to make different things from scratch. A smartphone game or app will only let the user move or touch specific items on the screen; your child is provided with the information rather than generating it himself.
  • The SMARTOYS blocks teaches your child a number of concepts including shapes, colors, sizes and numbers. He uses his hands to count and feel the different pieces and his eyes to distinguish colors while an app or a smartphone game may teach your child different concepts, he will not be able to actually touch anything or any item he sees on the screen,
  • The SMARTOYS blocks teach kids to share and to play with actual people not from make-believe characters or online players. He learns how to interact, how to share and how to work with a playmate. He learns the value of hard work and sharing which is not found in playing online games or watching videos online.
  • The SMARTOYS blocks lets parents interact with kids and foster a stronger bond with them. And although parents can bond with their children anytime, playing building games let them observe their children more and let them identify any learning difficulties and advantages. This way a parent develops a deeper bond with his child. Playing online games isolates children and will make them turn to online games and videos when expressing themselves rather than to their parents.

Online games, videos and apps are nonetheless educational and will be able to teach children different concepts and skills however; learning things using an actual toy has far better results than using electronic gadgets and devices.

Primarily, online games and apps need web connectivity to work whereas toys like the SMARTOYS blocks can be played anywhere at any time; there is no need to connect to the internet or use a device to play. You save time, money and effort in the long run.

Online games and apps do not develop a child’s creativity, manual and even verbal skills. It could even be a way to expose young children to elicit content. Parents usually let their children use their tablets or mobile devices to access the web and this could make children vulnerable to dangerous content as well as online bullying and abuse. Parents usually unknowingly expose their children to danger just by lending them their phone or tablet or by allowing their children to have their own phones.

Another important thing to consider is online games and apps may not be developed by professionals and could therefore be dangerous to young kids. The SMARTOYS magnetic building toy blocks were developed with young children in mind and therefore are better and more effective in introducing different concepts to a child.

Finally, online apps and games can last for as long as the device battery can last and from experience, most batteries don’t really last as long as the child wants to play. Playing with an actual game won’t cost anything. Your child can play it at home, in school with his classmates or even outdoors with his friends.

The SMARTOYS magnetic building blocks come in a set with 46, 56, 98 and 100+ pieces. These pieces are made of durable and safe plastic material that will last for as your child wants to play. Pieces are interchangeable and therefore adding more pieces can improve play. All SMARTOYS sets are for children age 3 and up and are available at