What Can My Child Build With Smartoys Construction Blocks

Now that we have learned so much about Smartoys magnetic block sets, why they are so unique and how your children can benefit them in terms of imagination and logical abilities development, it is time to look more closely into the creative building process. In other words, in this publication we would like to suggest exploring how your kids can actually play with Smartoys construction blocks, in what way they can use them and what possible tangible results in form of different structures they can get from the creative process enhanced by Smartoys products.

We would like to begin with going through all the various forms and shapes of Smartoys building blocks. It seems logical to start with Smartoys accessories overview because we cannot know what exactly we can create without having clear understanding of the means at our disposal. Obviously building sets with a bigger number of construction pieces will include some that you will not find in kits that comprise only 46 blocks, for example. Anyway, in this post we will cover the complete selection of the building pieces that can be found in Smartoys sets so you can evaluate their great potential.

First of all, there are basic geometrical forms such a triangle, isosceles triangle, square, diamond, rectangle, trapezoid, pentagon and hexagon. You can start introducing your kid into geometry with these building blocks and explore how the names of geometrical figures change depending on the number of sides or angles. You are even more than welcome to try playing a guessing game or invent your own denominations. That will be a great exercise to boost the child’s imagination.

Secondly, there are triangle, isosceles triangle, square and diamond snaps in panels which differ from the building blocks mentioned above because they do not only represent a certain frame but a solid panel with a small hole in the center. These holes are designed for rotation extension tubes and tube coupling to connect with motion related structure elements. Again there is a good opportunity to exercise children’s creativity by inventing a story behind the holes why they should be there.

Thirdly, as we have already mentioned above, there are certain elements in Smartoys construction sets which are intended for creating moving parts of structures. Actually there is a surprisingly big variety of them which you will not find in any other building block kits. Thus, there are simple wheels and tire wheels too, long and short rotating connection arms, wheel set, rotating extension tubes and tube coupling. Furthermore, skies, track and ferris wheel bracket will most certainly make your kid feel like a real specialist in automobile engineering and designing. So as you can see, Smartoys sets as opposed to other similar products give your children much more freedom in terms of constructing figures that can move not only on wheels but also on skies and even a track.

Now that we have a general idea of what a standard Smartoys kit features, let’s move to the next point and see how you and your children can put all those different accessories and building blocks in use. Though the general recommendation says that the given plaything is for children from 3 to 12 years old, the introduction to this educational toy can easily start at an earlier stage. Toddlers under the age of 3 can enjoy playing with the colorful magnet elements learning to move them as well as exercising their muscle control and hand-eye coordination.

Besides, the material used in the building blocks fabrication process is absolutely free of any toxic agents and thus harmless for children’s health. So parents do not need to worry if their little explorer decides to put one of the construction block into the mouth and try how it tastes like. Nevertheless, it is advisable to keep smaller Smartoys details like triangles or wheels, for example, away from toddlers and only leave bigger ones like pentagons or hexagons for them to play with. That will help to ensure that they do not try to swallow smaller parts. Moreover, the early mentioned snaps in panes with a small hole in the middle can be used to develop fine motor skills development activities such as beading. Kids can be entertained by a simple task of threading these blocks onto a string following a certain color, shape or number pattern. Improved visual discrimination and scanning skills as well as visual memory are the positive direct results of similar exercises.

Gradually when you observe that your kid is ready to move to the next step and to experiment 2D-modeling, you can start assembling simple planar graphs. You will just need some flat and smooth surface to put the magnetic blocks on and then start connecting them in different ways so the final form would resemble a certain real object. Thus it is possible to build a pizza, house, flower and even bicycle with the help of squares, triangles and hexagons. Moreover, the list of conceivable structures includes also animals such as a crab, fish, camel, puppy, cat and even sea urchin and whatever other living creature your kid can come up with. The illustrations of all the enumerated structures can be found in the free Smartoys guide that you will receive along with your order.

Actually the surface where your children can begin creating with Smartoys magical magnets does not necessarily have to be flat and smooth. The play can bring more fun if you let the kid take them to the playground or to the sandbox. There is no way sand can get inside the building blocks due to the solid reliable plastic outer coating. Besides, it is highly unlikely that they get lost in sand as one may think right away because the magnets inside them help find all the pieces that can get under the sand and not visible at first sight.

Moreover, the magnetic constituents of Smartoys construction blocks make it possible to put simple planar structures on the fridge door. So it can become sort of wall of honor where you would put the best figures that your kid has made in a week period or a play table where he or she creates.

More importantly, water is neither a limit for Smartoys building kits. If your child is not a big fan of taking a bath or on the contrary a big fan of Smartoys products so he or she does not want to get separated from them not even for an hour, you can simply take the magnets with you. The blocks do not sink thanks to their special structure which allows children keep experimenting with them even while taking a bath. Obviously, that can also be a swimming pool or any other water surface.

Once the child would like to make a next step, the parents can show them how to get a 3D shape just by gently pulling a planar graph. The principle is that first of all certain blocks should be connected between each other in a particular order, then the child should only pull them up from the middle of the construction and the shape will get assembled almost by its own thanks to the magnet power between the pieces. Once the base shape is formed, additional elements can be also added such as wings, rotors if it is a helicopter, for instance, or additional ammunition in case of a robot.

Basically, the range of different shapes that can be created using Smartoys building blocks is limitless and mostly depends on the child’s imagination. The tools provided by the magical magnet sets allow constructing anything from animals, buildings to robots and various transportation means. The latter group is probably the biggest one thanks to the motion creating parts contained in the kits. Thus it can be an ordinary car, tank, chariot, snowmobile and even sleigh car.

Some additional ideas for inspiration can be found in the guide that is sent with every Smartoys construction set box as well as on our Youtube channel  and Instagram account . But remember that the greatest helpers here are your and your kid’s imagination and creativity. So just do not be afraid to be inventive, original and artistic and help your children build your own fantasy land together. We can assure that your dearest ones will only be thankful for this ingenious opportunity and will automatically improve their observational and mathematical logical thinking abilities along with reaping many other important for child development benefits.