Why Your Children Will Fall in Love with Smartoys

   In the previous publication How to Choose Right Toys for Your Chidlren we looked into some important features parents should pay special attention to while buying a new plaything for their dearest. We understood that a toy is not only a thing for children to have fun with and keep them busy so parents can have some free time but they are also necessary tools that help kids explore and learn about the world. That’s why we tried to give basic tips to help adults to make sure that the toy they are getting will serve not only for entertainment goals but also for educational and developmental ones. However, it was the perspective of adults and we all know very well that grown-ups and the younger generation sometimes may have a completely opposite point of view on the same matter. What seems good and approvable to the former may have all the chances to be considered boring and unwanted to the latter.

That explains why we would like to dedicate this post to children’s perspective on toys and see what they find most exciting about playthings. We will observe it on the example of building blocks sets by Smartoys because they are a good illustration of educational toys beneficial for child development as we have already seen on numerous occasions. We hope this information will help adults to understand which toy features and characteristics their children would appreciate more and what toys have more chances to keep them interested and motivated and will not be forgotten in a week or two after the purchase.

Magic of magnetic blocks

The first thing that your kids will find attractive in the construction sets Smartoys is their magnetic blocks. It is not usual plastic Lego bricks with studs that have all and the same rectangular form but it is something new with a different mechanism of interlocking. It is a variety of forms that includes not only triangles but also squares, wheels, and trapezoids among others. Despite the difference in shapes, all the details can be easily attached and detached due to small magnetic elements that help them stick together but at the same time do not prevent disassembling. That magic will amaze your children and keep them curious so they will keep getting back to those mesmerizing blocks. Thus, those magnetic elements will be the first step of their introduction to the world of physics. The first lesson of geometry can also be taught with the Smartoys buildings sets as kids discover a number of new different shapes the sets include. Besides, they will learn to control their muscles, to measure how much of their strength is needed to put the blocks together and then to put the structure apart.

Moreover, we all know how much kids like getting new toys to play with and how economically challenging it can be sometimes for parents to keep up with the growing demands of their dearest. With Smartoys construction block sets that will not be a problem because children will build their own new toys. The structures created with the magnetic blocks stay stable and rigid so they do not need to worry about being punished by the parents for a sudden involuntary movement that has caused this fragile expensive newly bought plaything to break. And what is more exciting is the fact that kids will decide on their own when they want to get a new toy. All they will need for their desire to come true is imagination, patience and a little bit of time. In other words, there will be no more begging for a new toy, no more tantrums in toy stores and no more tasks to accomplish in order to deserve and earn a new plaything. In our further publications we will talk in more detail about the amazing diversity of structures and forms that kids can assemble with Smartoys products and that you can also use to inspire them and give a direction to their creative flow.

Another useful feature that your little ones are most likely to appreciate in Smartoys building sets is that the blocks are easily stored even when disassembled. The same magnetic elements make them stick together so kids do not need to be preoccupied about losing a certain detail. That means less frustration and stress because as parents we all know how sad children become when their favorite toys get lost. Besides, it puts the task to clean the room and organize all the toys way easier for them.

The particular form of Smartoys magnetic blocks do not have any studs as we have mentioned above. This feature becomes very significant if you remember the last time you or your dear kid accidentally stepped on one of those chaotically overspread on the room’s floor building details and how unpleasant that experience was. As keeping the room in a perfect order all the time is an almost impossible mission, we can at least make sure that play elements are safe not to cause any pain or damage when stepped on.

Bright colors

To continue our analysis of the attractive sides of Smartoys building kits, we would suggest also taking into account the bright and vivid colors of the blocks. All child development experts recognize that visual stimulation is extremely important for children, especially babies and their nervous system. Thus according to Child Psychology Specialist Dr Amanda Gummer, children deprived of visual stimulation may have lasting neurological deficits and face disadvantages in later life. On the contrary, babies that receive powerful visual stimulation from colors and shapes show more robust brain growth and faster physical, emotional, cognitive and visual development. At the same time the colors of Smartoys magnetic blocks are not toxic and do not irritate the visual nerve. So your kids will not get bored playing with these bright colorful building blocks and learning to distinguish red from blue.

Sense of independence

Furthermore, we have already touched the question of cultivating the sense of independence and self-sufficiency at our kids when we talked about all the new toys they can get simply playing with construction sets and creating them with the help of building blocks. This way they learn not to wait for their parents to buy them a new plaything but they are free to take the initiative and be innovative building things to play with on their own. Actually that is not the only illustration of how children become more independent from adults thanks to building kitsStacking block sets teach them to use their hands and legs as well as to coordinate the movements of the body’s parts. The well-developed motor skills and that knowledge become valuable when they need to remove their shorts or pants when in need to go to a bathroom or when they need to hold a spoon and get it to the mouth when in need to feed themselves. To put it differently, the sooner a kid learns how to perform these simple actions, the sooner he or she will get independent from their nannies or parents who will not need to be supervising him of her all the time. That’s how they discover a path to responsible and self-sufficient adulthood.

Sense of self-confidence

When a human being experiences independence, he cannot help feeling proud and content. That is exactly one more reason why your children will enjoy playing with Smartoys construction sets. Every time they finish building another creative work of art and hear words of encouragement and appraisal from adults, they will get radiant with pride and self-confidence. These feelings in their turn will inspire and lead them to make even more complex items with practical purposes. Child psychology experts agree that children with self-esteem are not afraid of trying new challenges, coping with mistakes and learning from them. Taking pride in one’s own abilities and accomplishments helps to feel strong, adequate, self-confident and worthy of a better life.

Way to get social

Moreover, as we all know, human beings are very social creatures, we need to be a part of a society to feel happy and complete. Smartoys building kits give children this perfect opportunity to share the game with others and learn what it means to be cooperative and accommodating. Playing always turns out to be more fun if the joy of it is shared with other people who have the same interests and perception of the world. So your kid can easily take building blocks to the playground where other children will be happy to join him or her so they can work together on the common goal to build a spaceship or a car and set out on an exciting journey. Besides, construction block sets may help a shy child to bridge the gap, reach peers, establish contacts and finally find friends. On the contrary, children with a leadership potential will be able to practice their organizational skills while trying to arrange the working process of their team.

Being cross-generational

To continue, playing with stacking blocks does not necessarily involve only the peers, it can also be cross generational. And that is another beauty of construction sets. Most researches show that sharing playtime with parents is indispensable for healthy child development because it makes children feel special, loved and cherished. Besides, parents are always role models for their offspring because they can offer a more mature and structured play version than siblings or peers can do. Adults undoubtedly know more about the world and have a different perspective on many things so children can benefit from it and get answers to various questions as well as to widen their imagination while building a house or a car together with their parents. The attention which children get from their parents and that special bond that is developed over toys are the most precious things for our dearest and nothing can override the joy and satisfaction of getting a parent to share a play moment with them. That’s why Smartoys construction kits are a perfect tool of getting different generation to play together.

To conclude, as you can see Smartoys products have unbeatable advantages over other toys and your children have no other choice than to fall in love with those magnetic construction block sets. They are colorful and attractive, they seem magical because of their magnetic elements. Besides they are easy to be stored and do not harm a child’s fragile skin due to their shapes without any studs or sharp edges. While playing with these toy sets, children learn motors skills and eye coordination and thus to be independent from the caregiver. They also learn to socialize with their peers and benefit interactions with adults. Finally, they get to experience the sense of accomplishment with every successfully created structure and grow self-confident and assertive.