Magic Tracks Building Set For Kids

Magic Tracks™
SKU MT11Ft220
Height 28.96
Width 29.46
Depth 28.45

The amazing racetrack that can bend, flex, and glow!

Magic Tracks Building Set For Kids is the easy to use customizable racetrack that lights up!

How it works...

Magic Tracks Building Set For Kids snap together in seconds for a customized speedway to zip down and whip around.

Magic Tracks Building Set For Kids light up in the dark! 

Turn off the lights to watch Magic Tracks™ neon colors shine super bright! Each race car has 5 LED lights that keeps the track glowing and it keeps going.

As you race, you can change the design of your track into any shape or pattern. You'll never have the same race twice!

Magic Tracks Building Set For Kids conveniently roll up for storage and pack inside the travel pouch to be brought anywhere.

The magic...

Serpentine technology allows Magic Tracks Building Set For Kids to bend, flex, and curve in any direction. No more straight or stiff tracks! Disconnect and quickly snap back together to go around furniture or under the bed.

Create your own colored track patterns, high bank turns, or mountainous bridges. Even cool hamster wheels for cars to keep moving and moving!

Click Add to Cart’ to get a fun and engaging Magic Tracks Building Set perfect for young children who love building and creating with their imagination! 

Magic Tracks Building Set For Kids comes with 220 track pieces to form a 11 ft. speedway. A translucent LED race car complete with decals to customize your ride. As well as the storage and travel pouch, and the fun guide loaded with high speed challenges.


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Exactly what I expected!
Written by Gianina Pinto on Jul 22nd 2017

Got this for my nephew Ryan! He LOVES it! Saw them on TV! Neat toy for kids of all ages....we are all kids